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Narative Text (Kancil)

Kancil/Mouse deer

Once upon time there was a mouse deer named kancil cerdik. He lived alone in the forest. He was very clever and sly.

One day the mouse deer was very hungry. He went to look for food in forest but he didn’t find a food. Because it was dry session. The he decided to seek in cucumber field. After that he found cucumber and ate them. In the morning the farmer came to field cucumber field. He was shock because his cucumber was lost. Next day that incident repeated. Mr. farmer thought how stool his cucumber. He was mouse deer. After that he pack of peasants looked deer. Farmer had an idea to catch mouse deer by trapping of the glu covered dolls. At night mouse deer back to cucumber field, but he shocked, because he looked asimiliar pack of peasant. After observ he realized that the figure was only a doll. That incident maked mouse deer angry. He hit doll use left hand, but his hand stick in doll.

Finally all his body stick in doll and he captured trappied. At morning mouse deer tuuk to the farmer,s house.

by: MNA(Muh. Nur Ardian)

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